What makes MyPitchlist special? Differences you need to know

What makes MyPitchlist special? Differences you need to know

Listing your home is something most of us never do more than a handful of times in our lives. But it’s a huge subject, with a multi-million dollar industry and more options for selling your home than you can shake a stick at.


What makes MyPitchList different from the rest?


MyPitchList is for sellers, not buyers

The majority of real estate websites in the local cyberspace are aimed at people looking to purchase a property. MyPitchlist was created in response to the need for property sellers to have a simple, transparent way to select the most suitable agent, real estate fee and commission structure for them and their property. Those other websites are important for agents and private sellers to get their properties seen by the market, but they leave little, if any, space for property sellers to walk through an online process to sell their home. 


MyPitchlist lets you browse in your own time

Many real estate agents maintain their own websites, as do agency brands, but you’re limited to what’s on the page if you’re browsing in your PJs at midnight. It would be few and far between agents who want a phone call or will respond to an email in the middle of the night. Because MyPitchlist offers a much more thorough and in-depth pitching process from agents, you’ll have all the data you need to hand when you sit down to review your possible agents - including how they would approach a property like yours, a fees breakdown, testimonials, reviews and plenty of extra information to help you choose.



MyPitchList is free

OK, sure… most real estate search engines are free to browse, but they’re not free for sellers to list. Although your property will probably still go on to be listed at various places online once you appoint an agent, the online selection process offered by MyPitchlist need not cost you a penny (compared to the cost of your time, a tea bag or two AND the wear and tear on your carpet made by a succession of real estate agents pitching to you in person).



MyPitchlist is not just about agent ratings

While reporting on agent performance, testimonials and client feedback is an integral part of the MyPitchlist real estate service, agent ratings are not the only thing on offer. The smooth and easy process of listing your property and receiving agent pitches right to your inbox, complete with all the details you need to make an informed decision - including a video of the agent, accuracy of their appraisals, and real estate sales fees and commissions - is the secret sauce to this sensational new online real estate service.


MyPitchlist is the perfect place to start

You might think every house vendor has made a clear, black-and-white, yes/no decision to sell their home, but the reality is humans are never that simple! The emotionally charged real estate landscape is full of ‘ummers and ahhers’ and rife with people not entirely convinced if they should stay or go. Many sellers want to test the water, or just put a few feelers out to assess their home’s value or potential to sell before they commit to listing. Many wouldn’t dream of buying another home before selling their existing property, meaning the familiar scenario of people caught between conditional offers or finding themselves in a tricky situation needing bridging finance between one home and another… well, these stories may sound familiar but the truth is they’re not quite as common as you think. The majority of houses sell in a fairly mundane way - decide, list, sell, settle, pack, move. Whether you’re still at the deciding stage or on the cusp of listing, MyPitchlist is the perfect place to begin. When you get a range of agent pitches in response to your property posting on MyPitchlist, you’ll also get a solid idea of your home’s worth and potential to sell, and this should help your decision-making process right from the get-go.


MyPitchlist is not agency-specific

Agents from all over the real estate industry are invited to pitch for your listing on MyPitchlist. The only prerequisite is minimum standard qualifications. This means agents from well-known agencies are in a position to pitch right alongside those from smaller agencies, who may normally struggle to be seen or accessed by you without the budget and exposure of their bigger competitors. MyPitchlist is the perfect way to see which agents are working very hard in your area to promote themselves and secure your listing, and is a great leveler for agents wearing all colours and logos, as the site neither discriminates nor favours the real estate agent on the basis of their brand or agency. Independent real estate professionals are welcome to pitch for your listing too.


MyPitchlist lets you compare the best agents and deals

Professionalism, personality and negotiating ability are the most important factors when choosing a real estate agent. However, having transparency around fees is another important factor. It’s understandable for people who don’t buy and sell homes every day not to realise there is a range of commission fees and marketing options available, and furthermore that the package options you are quoted, are often negotiable.

MyPItchlist aims to truly empower house sellers for the first time in the online space, allowing you to have transparency and compare the best offerings for your particular property in an easy, streamlined format.


MyPitchlist is personalised, and works just for you

MyPitchlist matches real estate agents and property sellers in an entirely unique way. The ‘pitching’ process is one-of-a-kind, allowing a home seller to post their property, inviting agents to pitch by providing all the details about the property. Sellers select a shortlist of their preferred agents at their leisure with which they can choose to personally meet and continue the process. The MyPitchlist service is free for the seller and there is no obligation, and your details won’t be shared with agents until you’re ready to meet them.

On the basis of the information you provide to the pitching agent, you’ll receive a personalised pitch covering their commission, fees and other costs, as well as all the information the agent wants to provide in order to convince you that they’re the right person to sell your home. 



MyPitchlist is so simple

The MyPitchlist posting process is so easy, a toddler could probably do it. (Have you seen the way they can negotiate their way around a screen?) Nothing confusing or awkward to wrap your head around, because MyPitchlist isn’t trying to be all things to all people, nor is it trying to keep everyone from the seller to the agent and everyone in between, happy. MyPitchlist is there to match you - the home seller - with the best-fitting agent. You’re in charge of the process from beginning to end.



MyPitchlist is not about finance or conveyancing

The wide-ranging subject of real estate is best split into three distinct areas: finance, legal and selling. If your financial situation isn’t totally straightforward (and even if it is!) you might want to consider using a specialised mortgage broker, or engage the services of a specialist at your bank or financial institution. Likewise, everyone needs to take legal advice when selling their home, so it’s a good idea to line up your lawyer or a conveyancing specialist to take care of that can of worms for you. And finally, the real estate agent professional is going to look after everything involved in taking your property to the market and getting a sale for you. It’s by far the best idea to keep these areas separate - in fact, it’s the law in some cases. MyPitchlist is focused on one area and one area only - matching sellers with potential real estate agents for the mutual benefit of both parties. Leaving the rest out of it keeps things clear and simple.


MyPitchlist gives you plenty of time to choose

You’ll get four weeks to mull things over from the time agents pitch to you in an effort to win your property listing, so there’s plenty of time to make your selection. And when you narrow it down to a shortlist, there’s no limit on how many agents you can choose to talk to.



MyPitchlist doesn’t share your information till you’re ready

Unlike other real estate websites, when you post your potential property sale on MyPitchlist, neither your address nor your contact details are shared until you’re ready to make them known. You won’t be inundated with unwanted calls or door-knocks… you will get the best commission and fees packages delivered quietly to your inbox so you can digest them in your own good time. MyPitchlist matches you with an agent only on your say-so, and only when you’re ready.

MyPitchlist is a ground-breaking new online option for sellers in the real estate market. Simple, streamlined and transparent, it puts you - the seller - in the driving seat by taking the hassle out of screening and selecting an agent. Best of all, it’s free and no obligation. Why not give it a try?




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